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No. of Shares

This is the number of shares you own in a company.

Value of Shares

This is the monetary current value of the shares you own.

Net Earnings

This is the amount you have gained or lost since you bought the stock.


This is the number of shares traded on the stock exchange during the day's trading session.

Market Cap.

Also referred to as Market Capitalisation. It is the total dollar/Naira market value of a company's outstanding shares. It is used to determine the size of a company and how much it is worth in the stock market.

P/E Ratio

Also know as Price-to-Earnings Ratio. It helps investors to know the market value of a stock as compared to the company's earnings. It is the amount you are willing to pay today for a dollar/Naira of a company's profit.

Dividend yield

This is the estimated one-year return of the investment in a company based only on its dividend payment.

The formula is: Dividend Yield = Share Price/Annual Dividend​.

52 Weeks High

This is the highest price of the stock in the past one year (52 weeks).

52 Weeks Low

This is the lowest price of the stock in the past one year (52 weeks).

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